Fujitsu logo
Japanese market places the highest demands on air conditioning, setting fashion trends and standards throughout the industry. As Fujitsu is a global brand and has an impeccable reputation, Fujitsu General Limited sells its air conditioners in Japan exclusively under the Fujitsu brand, taking the leading positions year after year. It was the sales of air conditioners under Fujitsu brand that brought Fujitsu General Limited the greatest success and allowed it to become a company of global scale. to become a company of global scale.

Trading House KLIMATPROF is the official Trading House of Fujitsu climate systems on the territory of Russia and countries of the Customs Union of the EAEU.

A Japanese super-model Shuri took part in the photographing of the Fujitsu image.

Becoming a partner of Trading House KLIMATPROF, you get the following benefits:

equipment, supplied directly from manufacturers;
strategic brand in your business portfolio;
qualified engineering support;
extended warranty period for equipment (up to 5 years);
a program to increase the level of brand awareness;
training programs, webinars, training seminars.